FFF Hot Tape 001 – Pacheko

This month, FFF Radio is excited to launch a fortnightly ‘FFF Hot Tape‘ mix series whereby we invite one of our favourite artists to step up to the plate and lay down a mix of music from their crates, collections and hearts. Sometimes you’ll get a sneak preview into new and emerging talent, bold statements by artists at the top of their game and specially crafted, connoisseur-ish insights into the record collections of some of the most talented musical minds emerging today.

So, now to present the first installment in our series, for which we invited Venezuelan bass aficionado Pacheko to step up. For those of you who don’t know, Pacheko (sometimes producing with his partner in crime Pocz), is best known for his role in shining light on Venezuela’s Tuki Changa scene.

Tuki Changa is a style of techno distinct to Venezuela, combining simplistic, high energy synths with driving, grimey tribal beats. He recently combined with fellow Venezuelan Pocz for ‘Changa Letal’ on Buraka Som Sistema’s Enchufada label, as well as contributing to the crazy-good ‘Changa Tuki Classics’ compilation from the same label. Now based in Barcelona, the DJ and producer melds his local produce with influences of Chicago house, Detroit Techno and UK Bass music into a sweaty, pressure-driven junglistic space chamber.

Pacheko’s mix deftly spans this range of influences, while drawing the dots between drum machine-driven rhythms from around the world. It’s the perfect antidote to your mid week hustle, your ideal hype machine before heading out for a weekend of debauchery, and an excellent way to launch our new mix series.

Download or listen below; podcast via iTunes.


1- Soundhack: Vintage
2- Strip Steve: Calcium (tr 505 version)
3- ????
4- Pacheko: Morsa
5- Vin Sol: Voice Chip Activate (Matrixxxman remix)
6- Cardopusher: I know you will (Nehuen Remix)
7-Nehuen: Bad Automation
8- Pacheko: Where is everybody
9- Nehuen: Build and release
10- Dj Yirvin: Dale culo al wapero (Nehuen remix)
11- Dj Yirvin: Toca la boca (Pacheko remix)
12- Pacheko: Electra
13- Clip!: Get down
14- Dj Sluggo:
15- 2 men on wax: Active Beat
16- Dj Trajic: The horn dog
17- Dj Yirvin: Todo el mundo pa la pista
18- Nick Hook & Vin Sol Matrixxxman: I can feel it
19- The Panamax Project: Width
20- Downliners Sekt: Trim/tab
21- Burial: NYC