The Bug

King Midas Sound: The Art of Intensity

As part of the Sonar 2010 festival in Barcelona, FFF caught up with King Midas Sound; made up of the ever-inspiring Kevin Martin (aka the Bug), Japanese vocalist Kiki Hitomi and dub poet Roger Robinson.

In this episode, the three talk about their dedication to making albums in the days of ‘no-albums’, how to keep music intense and immediate, and their own dedication to the cause of good, innovative music.

Recorded in the aftermath of their debut release, ‘Waiting For You’, this is an exclusive snapshot into the uncompromising world of a band unafraid to shake up their audience, and crush every expectation beneath their vision of apocalyptic lover’s rock.

The Bug and Warrior Queen: In Conversation

On his last Globe-squatting mission of Terra Firma, Mr Cloak and Dagger was lucky enough to catch the Bug and Warrior Queen in San Francisco during their tour with Nine Inch Nails, just before their epic adventure to sound-murder Australia. Mr Cloak and Dagger accosted the legendary Kevin Martin (aka The Bug, Techno Animal) and London-based Jamaican toaster Warrior Queen for a chat during their soundcheck.

Covering everything from the similarities in post-punk to dancehall, rapping over noise to the changing face of sound system culture this interview catches these two amazing artists at the swell of the wave of bass that is their latest album, ‘London Zoo’, both at the top of their game.

For those that caught these guys anywhere on their recent tour, this interview is a must for understanding where these two uncompromising artists are coming from.