Salva: Underground Constructions

Salva’s been making beats as long as he’s been tying his shoelaces, and his tracks have been making little fires throughout the club sphere since at least 2008. But 2012 was owned by the man, helped in no small part by the huge success of his remix of Kanye West’s Mercy, with fellow beat head RL Grime (easily one of the loudest tunes of the festival season!).

Salva’s history is diverse, having cut his teeth in Chicago on hip hop, techno, house and everything else that makes the city great, before moving to Los Angeles to join the burgeoning beats scene. A regular in the legendary ‘Low End Theory’ Club, Salva’s productions swing wildly between genres, incorporating street rhythms with classic club drive. His tracks stand out for their brutal drum programming and sophisticated synth work.

We’ve loved him here at FFF for a long time, and finally got a chance to have a few words with him in Barcelona before his set at the Sonar 2012 Festival.