Prince Nod

Rights Dub: a Sonic Documentary by Prince Nod on ABC Radio National

In September 2007 Prince Nod completed a feature radio program as a guest producer for The Night Air, on ABC Radio National. RIGHTS DUB, broadcast on ABC Radio National’s The Night Air on Sunday September 7th 2008 at 8.35pm.

Prince Nod has created a documentary meets collage meets dj mix that delves into the news and histories of black civil rights in America and examines the parallel cultural influence of black rights music and the dawn of digital sampling on the global music industry. The program captures the fragmented sound and music of an America coming to terms with the challenges of protecting and reviewing its civil and cultural rights.

‘Get up, Stand up’, the 1973 reggae song made famous by The Wailers is a nagging provocation to continue struggling for personal or group rights in an unjust world. But just what are ‘rights’ – who holds them, who’s being denied them and who benefits from getting rights? Using everything from dubstep, hiphop and baile funk to speeches by the Black Panthers, Lawrence Lessig and George W Bush, Prince Nod dubs through the music and voices of the civil rights and music rights movements to find the two are connected today more than ever before. Black rights, copyright, recycling and the right to listen — tonight in The Night Air.

The Night Air is a listening experience animated by dub versions of ABC Radio National’s distinctive programming. Obliquely connected material is re-assembled with sonic glue – letting the listener’s imagination build a new story. It’s a space to find the music in speech and the poetry in ideas, a show that invites you to take time to unravel the usual media tangle.

Read the program synopsis online at ABC Radio National: