Nick Hook

Nick Hook: Open 24 Hours

On the eve of the massive Sonar 2012 festival in Barcelona, Suckafish P Jones caught up with synth-wizard, studio guru and all round nice guy Nick Hook. Beginning his serious musical journey as the Keyboard player for Warner Brothers signed Men, Women and Children, Nick rapidly began to make waves in New York’s electronic underground, first as a member of Cubic Zirconia, and later as a producer for L-Vis 1990, El-P and famously, Azaelia Banks‘ crossover hit, ‘212’. Nick is currently making a stamp with his own productions, which see him exploiting his love of drum machines, vintage synthesizers and down and dirty dance music to ever-surprising results.

Go check his debut release for Scion, ‘Without You’, and his  forthcoming collaborative EP with Matrixxxman and Vin Sol for Classicworks (released in March 2013)