monkey marc

FFF Hot Tape 003 – Monkey Marc

Stepping up to deliver the third installment of our FFF Hot Tape series, we have a very sticky blend of beats, bass and dub from Melbourne’s Monkey Marc. Best known for his work as the brain behind activist hip-hop powerhouse Combat Wombat, and productions for rappers such as Roots Manuva and Soom T, he is a focused, prolific producer. His recent release, ‘Planet Smashers’, on Jahtari, demonstrates his knack for taming analog synthesizers, SP1200s and entirely solar powered studios and dub sound systems.

Because we know this man has a deep knowledge and connection to a lot of music we treasure here at FFF, we couldn’t not ask him to make us a Hot Tape. Drawing a lineage between UK Hip Hop, classic dancehall and frequency-crushing dub, Monkey has whipped us up a mix that reflects a very personal, rebellious and above all anthemic journey through sound system culture and it’s music. Turn it up, bruck out and get educated by this rare and comprehensive insight into the potent mix of influences behind one of Australia’s most distinctive beat-makers.