Future Classic

Jamie Lloyd shares exclusive new DJ mix

Sydney’s warehouse party scene will be familiar with Jamie Lloyd who emerged in 2006 with his debut Trouble Within and then 2009’s Beware of The Light through Future Classic. Positive international attention was quickly followed by a remix EP featuring Matthew Herbert, and regular DJ sets whilst studying Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture.

Lloyd’s sound simmers cool with influences from Moodyman and House of Jezebel to Mzungu and Arthur Russell, his ear attuned to the quality Mad Racket sound systems, informing a skillfully sparse yet warm production aesthetic.

FFF Radio is happy to present over an hour of that sound for your very own ears in our latest podcast mix, direct and exclusive from Jamie himself. Download or stream the mix below and see Jamie Lloyd mix it up live at the Spice Cellar in Sydney on August 15th and 22nd.

Track list

1. House Of Jezebel – Love & Happiness
2. Edward – Take Me Out (Original mix)
3. Willie Burns – Pong in a Tracksuit
4. Mzungu – The Third (Original Mix)
5. Four Tet – Buchla (Seven Davis Jr Remix)
6. Orgue Electronique – The Serpent
7. Willie Burns – Windows Down
8. Tim Love Lee – The Tortoise (Sex Tags Mania NYC Mix)
9. Loud E – Robotism
10. Caltrop – Lenny
11. White label
12. TowLie – This is a Momenth (BMX edit)
14. House of Jezebel – Back in DogTown USA
15. Jovonn – Torched (Original mix)
16. Coni – My Secret Diving (Original Mix)
17. No Smoke – Koro koro (Original Mix)
18. Blaze – Blaze Theme Track
19. Moodyman – It’s too late 4 U and me