FFF Hot Tape 005 – Cardopusher

For our fifth Hot Tape we invited one of our favorite, most consistent producers to take over the helm – Venezuelan-bred and Barcelona-based producer and DJ Cardopusher. An artist with some significant contributions to the electronic music landscape over the last 5 years, Cardopusher has been consistent to pumping out quality tunes across a range of genres stretching from breakcore, to dubstep, to his current incarnation as a mastercrafter of sinister, drum machine warping acid, house and techno.

A master of beat programming, Cardo’s productions stand out for their tight dynamics, sharp drops and capacity for high impact synth and sample work. He also has a bloody lot of fun making the tracks, and that shines through – every sinister synth is matched with a tongue in cheek playfulness that invites you in to boogie down til apocalypse. Drawing proudly on his influences of early old school Electro, Chicago House, Detroit Techno, and the combined output of Trax Records, Dancemania and Underground Constructions, Cardo blends these elements into something faster, heavier and unmistakably sounding like it came from the future. This retro-futurist dedication is undoubtedly what lead himself and labelmate Nehuen to form Classicworks, a hotly tipped label featuring work from the label honchos and up and coming artists such as Nick Hook, Vin Sol, Scratcha DVA and Matrixxxman.

His love for the drum machine and wierd fuzzy synthesis shines through in this absolutely blazing Hot Tape, which we are lucky enough to be launching today. Blaring through Acid House 303 marathons to straight booty and jacking house, Cardo has joined the dots betweeen underground classics and newer offerings from Bodyjack, Creepy Autograph, Borai and his own blistering productions. It’s all guns blazing on this one – crank it up in your headphones and instantly be transported to the best warehouse party you’ve ever been to.


1. Jared Wilson -Grave Stalking (Skudge)
2. Bonquiqui – Sansvotime (L.I.E.S.)
3. Andreas Gehm – 1000 Miles (Solar One Music)
4. Creepy Autograph – Back Alley (forthcoming Ultramajic)
5. Paranoid London w/ Mutado Pintado – Transmission 5 (Paranoid London Records)
6. Crackboy – Kiddo (I´m A Cliché)
7. Turbo Turbo – Jack Your House (GND Rec)
8. Jomanda – I Cried The Tears (Keep Cryin´Dub) (Big Beat)
9.  Borai – Last Time Out (forthcoming Tasteful Nudes)
10. Hank Jackson – Deposit (Mr. Saturday Night)
11. Bodyjack – Bodyjack001 (forthcoming Bodyjack)
12. Cardopusher – Control Your Body (forthcoming BNR TRAX)
13. Cybotron – Clear (Fantasy)
14. Steve Pointdexter – Work That Motherfucker (Giant)
15. Model 500 – No UFOs (D-Mix) (Metroplex)
16. Strictly Traxx – Untitled (I Can´t Take The Heartbreak) (Underground Construction)
17. Gunrose – Life (BNR TRAX)
18. Huerco S – Untitled (Opal Tapes)

Frijsfo Beats Volume 3: Various Artists

Frijsfo Beats have a tasty piece of the 2012 cake on their plate, with the imminent release of volume three in their series of vinyl EP compilations. Tuned in to the various new mutations of garage, this latest release joins label stalwart Geiom with three newer artists; Cardopusher, Desto and Submerse, all of whom have been hotly tipped for bigger things in this year’s blogosphere.

Cardopusher is a Venezuelan expatriate based in Barcelona, where I interviewed him at Sonar 2009 and discussed how keen he was to escape the sonic confines of gabba core. At the time, he was moving into some quality dubstep production, but this hungry producer has ended up pushing through into the golden triangle of tropical house, soul techno, and neo garage.

The opening ping pong beats and game show synths of Then What evoke the sunny days and electric nights of Barcelona, then suddenly the drop falls by way of a comical tom roll in to an early naughties 2-step swing. Full of production tricks that fill the track with dynamic and a slathering of nicely separated, funky triplet percussion; Then What is coloured by filmic strings, electric piano stabs, descending organ lines, and a typical (but pleasing) garage synth bass line. Packing enough technical skill for the headz and buckets of funk for the legs, Then What is an undeniable dance floor starter; easily solidifying Cardopusher into the top tier of the European underground.

Finnish producer Desto, whiplashes us into the next track with his remix of Kuoyah’s Convex Gravity (released digitally last year on Frijsfo). It follows two twelves for London’s hip Ramp Recordings and finds another victim of the Chicago juke and footwork beat wave. Deploying DJ Rashad’s take on chopped and screwed vocals, with Chicago hip hop kits and acid synth lines, Desto’s remix is a violent dance floor throw down that will sync easily into your last Addison Groove 12”.

Next up is 90’s idm survivor Geiom, who first began blowing listeners a third ear hole with releases on Neo Ouija and Manchester’s Skam records, alongside legends like Lego Feet (Autechre), Jega, Team Doyobi, and Boards of Canada. Geiom’s Chip Voices is a happy portamento synth slip n’ side, coupled with time stretched garage rushes and warm chorus bass lines. Listening to Chip Voices, older fans of the more dance oriented idm oeuvre will feel like they never left the 90’s – and really appreciate it – whilst young future garage hipsters will undoubtedly be rinsing this on their next Sub FM show.

Finally, in an exciting coup for Frijsfo, the young Submerse brings his otaku garage following, to what sounds like, the next level of his productions. Toning down his hyper j-pop garage in favour of the uber fashionable kick – milk bottle and chain rattle approach to 2-step; Bubblin’ tends sweet acapella cuts with layers of warm pads, tinted with the noise of a compressed synth breeze and the whistle of electric crickets.

This new work by Submerse may find the producer maturing stylistically, but the polished production and emo heart ache remain amidst a sparser vantage point, ensuring everyone will be seeing Submerse rising in to the next 12 months. Overall, kudos belongs to Frijsfo here for curating a very high quality collection of intelligent yet dance floor oriented works, that will sell well to both DJ’s, critics and fans alike.

Various Artists
Frijsfo Beats Volume 3

A1 – Cardopusher – Then What
A2 – Kuoyah – Convex Gravity (Desto remix)
B1 – Geiom – Chip Voices
B2 – Submerse – Bubblin’

Review by: Sean Taylor

Music and space with Cardopusher

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, now living in Barcelona, Luis Garbán aka Cardopusher is blurring the lines between music genres as easily as he crosses geographical borders. Having released his full length album “Unity Means Power” on Murder Channel late last year, and with a slew of EPs under his belt from True Tiger, Terminal Dusk, Lo Dubs, Spectraliquid and Peace-Off, it’s little wonder Fact Magazine named him as one of their producers to watch in ‘09.

Cardopusher talks to us here about how he left breakcore for dubstep, and the importance of place in the construction of new music.