Joker: Live on Triple Zed, 102.1FM

Joker live mix on FFF Radio


This Bristol bred DJ and producer comes with endorsements from the likes of Kode 9 for the BBC Radio 1 Experimental generation bass program and releases on both Hyperdub, Tectonic and Terror rhythm.

Joker’s merging of rnb, hip hop, grime and dubstep took him to recently release Top of the Game, featuring the epic instrumental – Gullybrook Lane, which got picked up by the likes of Plastician and Benga and featured on Soul Jazz’s Steppas Delight Comp – quickly becoming a diggers calling card.

As part of his east coast tour, Joker joined us at 4ZzZFM for live mix in studio 2 after a big night at Bar Soma, before jetting back to London for a FWD party with Shackleton, Loefah, and Ramadanman.


Hudson Mohawke & Mamiko Motto: Live on Triple Zed, 102.1FM

Following on from their live show at the red lit bass bins of Bar Soma in Brisbane – Hudson Mohawke (Warp) and Samurai.FM Amsterdam DJ Mamiko Motto – joined Prince Nod at 4ZzZ, 102.1 FM for an exclusive live mix in Studio 2.

This is 30 minutes of up close and personal mixing; from a musical couple who seem to enjoy the off kilter edges of the musical spectrum; who aren’t afraid to drop the beat, get weird n ambient, and then bring it all back with some sexy broken rnb, or 8 bit beat rush.

Big thanks to White Rhino and Dank Morass for keeping us company and bringing HudMo+Mamiko to our shores! And thanks to everone else who kept us company at the station!

Hudson Mohawke: http://www.myspace.com/hudsonmo
Mamiko Motto: http://www.myspace.com/one_dot_one

N-Type: live to air mix by World’s Best Dubstep DJ

Check it! N-Type is a dubstep DJ / producer / label owner from the deep south of the UK. He began mixing drum and bass in the late 90’s at the age 14, and more recently became resident at the prestigious night in shoreditch FWD>>, and is also one of the DJ’s on rotation at the almighty DMZ clubnight with Mala and Loefah.

Prince Nod and Mr Fold almost couldn’t fathom that the mighty N-Type dropped in unexpectedly to play an hour long mix at 4ZzZ FM, and then joined us in Studio 1 for a chat about his dubplates, and new record label plans. Presented below is a recording of his live DJ mix, and at the end is a small interview to round it off. Sadly, we only have a listener’s recording which is very poor quality, but because of the rare dubplates in the mix we felt it worthwhile preserving here online at FFF Radio.


Photo by http://www.megancullenphoto.com/

Rights Dub: a Sonic Documentary by Prince Nod on ABC Radio National

In September 2007 Prince Nod completed a feature radio program as a guest producer for The Night Air, on ABC Radio National. RIGHTS DUB, broadcast on ABC Radio National’s The Night Air on Sunday September 7th 2008 at 8.35pm.

Prince Nod has created a documentary meets collage meets dj mix that delves into the news and histories of black civil rights in America and examines the parallel cultural influence of black rights music and the dawn of digital sampling on the global music industry. The program captures the fragmented sound and music of an America coming to terms with the challenges of protecting and reviewing its civil and cultural rights.

‘Get up, Stand up’, the 1973 reggae song made famous by The Wailers is a nagging provocation to continue struggling for personal or group rights in an unjust world. But just what are ‘rights’ – who holds them, who’s being denied them and who benefits from getting rights? Using everything from dubstep, hiphop and baile funk to speeches by the Black Panthers, Lawrence Lessig and George W Bush, Prince Nod dubs through the music and voices of the civil rights and music rights movements to find the two are connected today more than ever before. Black rights, copyright, recycling and the right to listen — tonight in The Night Air.

The Night Air is a listening experience animated by dub versions of ABC Radio National’s distinctive programming. Obliquely connected material is re-assembled with sonic glue – letting the listener’s imagination build a new story. It’s a space to find the music in speech and the poetry in ideas, a show that invites you to take time to unravel the usual media tangle.

Read the program synopsis online at ABC Radio National: