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Learn more about FFF Radio hosts Prince Nod and Suckafish P Jones.

Suckafish P Jones

Jesse Sullivan

DJ | Producer | Presenter

Suckafish P Jones is a producer and performer of sweaty, bass heavy, electronic music. Hailing from Australia, but notoriously hard to pin down as he traverses the globe, his sound is eclectic and unique, combining tropical rhythms with the bass-focused tendencies of rave, ghetto house and hip hop. He is really, really good at making people dance.

Sean Taylor

DJ | Producer | Presenter

Prince Nod (aka Sean Taylor) is a Sydney DJ, producer, presenter and music writer. As co-producer on the global bass music show Forcefed Fistfuls on 4ZzZ 102.1 FM, Prince Nod pioneered nascent future bass music in the Australian broadcast industry for over ten years and continues to represent cutting edge music culture from around the globe.

Prince Nod

About FFF Radio

FFF Radio was founded on 4ZzZ 102.1 FM by DJs Prince Nod and Suckafish P Jones (aka Sean Taylor and Jesse Sullivan). We have produced broadcast programs, music & art events in Australia circa 2000; transmitting new global movements to the air-waves like Dubstep & Grime, Footwork, Kuduru and Baile Funk.

FFF seeks out new and exclusive club music from around the world with a critical eye and a foot in the gutter. Most of our work here is a labor of love for radio and Brisbane’s 4ZzZ 102.1 FM. We pride ourselves on championing innovative Australian electronic music alongside those from the rest of the world!

FFF Radio broadcast clients and partners have included ABC Radio National and Red Bull Music Academy Radio, as well as a local network of Australian community broadcasters. We connect across the globe to DJ’s, producers, promoters, venues, festivals, agencies and media outlets, with strong links in Sydney, New York, London and Barcelona.

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